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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't try this!

It is not recommended that any tries to surf a wave like this unless you had dedicated your life to it. This video seems like a bit too much to be real but it is. Well the size of the wave is a bit exaggerated by the camera but it is still a bigger than real wave. Surfers dedicate their lives to learning how to ride these waves and many don't make it. It is a reality of the sport and a risk we all take.

There is not much to say after watching a video like this.

Brand everyone likes.

Quiksilver has been around since 1970. The story of its origin is pretty interesting. At first Quiksilver only focused on surfing and creating that perfect boardshort every surfer would want to buy. It later came to be one the biggest brand names in the world to provide not just a style but a lifestyle to any board rider. Going from selling just boardshorts to sandals and sun dresses Quiksilver has evolved within the years.

There are other brands out there like Billabong and Volcom that are pretty popular in demand. Each of these brands has surfers representing them in all different levels. But Quiksilver is represented by the best surfer in the world Kelly Slater. With winning 9 titles he stands unbeatable. Quiksilver is not like your average surf shop but they stick true to their roots in living the dream and lifestyle any surfer, skater, or snowboarder lives.

To read the entire story behind Quiksilver look for their book "Mountain and the Wave" and experience the culture behind the logo. You can also find out more about Kelly Slate by getting one of his several book and getting to know how he became who he is today.

"About 10 years ago, state and county officials decided to restore the beaches so important to Miami's tourism. It was a $64 million project that dredged most spots out of existence, but South Beach was unaffected. Although South Beach is not the only surf spot in Miami -- a few little local spots are at the ends of the numbered streets, such as 21st Street, 14th Street and 96th Street -- it's one of the few worth mentioning in detail.

"Located in Penrod Park, just east of where I-95 ends, South Beach has the potential to deliver barreling, board-breaking peaks. During north or northeast swell conditions, the A-frames are shapeliest on the incoming tide with offshore (west to northwest) winds. And while it is known through most of the year as a spot that hardly ever works, South Beach can be the only spot breaking statewide when zero-degree north swells bypass the rest of the Florida coast.

"If the Gulf Stream looks huge but it's flat or tiny on the beach, consider making the drive south. Just remember that South Beach requires a large north or northeast swell to get good. While it's technically an A-frame, the coast faces more southeast and bends these northerly swells into epic rights. When it's on, overhead barrels break up and down the beach over shallow hard-packed sandbars to the point of being dangerous. The beach can be littered with broken sticks and ambulances will show up with surprising frequency. Ultimately, however, South Beach is a fickle spot with a narrow swell window. It's not uncommon to paddle back out after a perfect barrel only to find that the ocean has seemingly gone flat.

"During the rather lengthy periods between groundswells, South Beach receives a fair amount of east/southeast windswell fall through spring. These windswells are often gutless, and the peaks become mushy as the tide nears full. Nonetheless, South Beach is always a zoo, and the animals are out of their cages. As many as 400 people fill the water with a "Brazilian" style of ocean etiquette. Fistfights occur in the lineup during every swell. It's an issue of localism, racism and the colloquial "too many rats packed in the same box." Expect to get dropped in on and say a little prayer -- preferably in Spanish -- as you paddle back out.

"South Beach may lay claim to the most grotesque lineup in the world, but the beach wildlife is abundant and beautiful. Women can go topless, and thongs are almost a prerequisite; however, this randy refuge is hardly a natural resource. In fact, South Beach surfers have been known to refer to their personal trainers and/or plastic surgeons as their shapers. Speaking of which, if the love of your life approaches and asks for your digits, it's best to make sure that he, she or "shim" is not of a hybrid gender. "
-- Terry Gibson

I must say some of these statements may be outdate as I have been surfing in South Beach almost 8 years and rarely seem any fist fights in the line up. We may have your occasional arguments from people not watching over themselves but you wont see any broken boards flying across the water.

South Beach may be a bit tense when there are waves as the waves break close to the shore and all the curious tourist stand in the water watching. Besides the swimmers in the water as a disturbance you always have the new guys who are learning and are not sure what to do. That can always be reckless I have some scars to account for. The worse of all is the amount of surfers in South Beach and all of Miami that come out at the sign of any waves. The waters turn into I-95 south at 8 am. People are shoulder to shoulder fighting to catch the next wave.

Regardless what many might say South Beach is an fun wave to ride.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dangers of Surfing

Surfing isn't an easy sport. it can be easy to get lessons and learn on waves no bigger than 2 feet, but they will tell you it is not easy. Surfing requires determination, strength, and lots of courage. Surfing has become one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Waves seem to be harmless but they are more dangerous than you think. Every wave is different, every break is different, and every surfer is different. Not everyone can surf Pipeline not even to mention Jaws.

There are many places around the world that have not been discovered and many places around the world that are created through natural disasters. The most popular places in the world are Hawaii, Fiji, Mentawaii, California, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa. There are many places you wouldn't think had waves like Japan, Colombia, Venezuela, and much more. Being a surfer requires a lot of travel time and you certainly get to see many places around the world. But regardless the site seeing the danger of loosing your life is always present.

Whether you are surfing on a sand break, rock bottom, or a reef bottom, surfing is a sport to take serious. It is a sport that many wish to take upon but the risk of giving in to mother nature is a fear that hold them back. To many it is the adrenaline that keeps a lot of surfers going. So if surfing is something you want to take upon, remember to be safe and determination. Not everyone can surf like Ian Walsh...can you?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy International Surfing Day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surf Report

Surf for the next couple of weeks look like it will be flat in South Florida. There is only once change of surf during summer time and that is HURRICANES. Unfortunately nobody wants hurricanes to come but all surfers hope for any hurricane to just swing by the Florida East coast and create some swell. It has been about 3 years since a hurricane has passed through South Florida and we wish to keep it that way.

The weather isn't helping much these days either to be able to enjoy the beach. With rain and even hail one day people just want to stay at home. We cannot let the rain stop us from enjoying our days. The rain will continue to come and the hot weather will just keep getting hotter. If you are dying for some waves just pack your bags and plan a trip because that will be your best bet in getting any waves.

Good luck out there everyone! Seas are flat in South Florida but not all over the world. Make the best of what you can and enjoy mother nature.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

International Surfing Day!

There are days reserved every year for special events like Memorial Day, father's day, mother's day, teacher's appreciation day, and more. Thanks to Surfing Magazine surfers now have a day of their own to celebrate their passion, June 20. Even though it is unofficial, this day give surfers all over the world to go out and celebrate the freedom of surfing. Surfing day involves not only the celebration of the sport but also to help bring awareness to our beaches and oceans. 

With the help of The Surfrider Foundation, Surfing Magazine, and Monster, surfers all over the world have the chance to compete for a event of the day. All you have to do is go out catch some waves, clean up your beach, and record it call. Just submit in both words and photos about how you celebrated your International Surfing Day. Just go out and have fun and get as many people involved as you can to help make a change and promote the sport we all love.

For more information on the contest just go to

We hope to see you out in the water soon!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More than just catching a wave

To many people surfers represent a scene of trouble, drugs, alcohol, and just plainly a negative character. Yes, it may be true that some surfers may cause trouble and/or act inappropriately, but not all think just about surfing.

Surfing would not be possible if the Earth was not kept clean including our oceans. The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization that is nationwide that works to help surfing possible for many. They work closely with those surfer who care and to whom surfing means more than just catching a wave. Protecting our beaches, dunes, and anything related to the ocean, the Surfrider Foundation brings surfers from all over the country together to complete one project, PROTECT THE EARTH.
The local chapter of Miami Beach is always closely involved in fighting to help preserve our beaches. Their upcoming work includes a dune restoration on the 57 block of Collins Avenue in Miami Beach on June 6 at 10 am.
The Surfrider Foundation works closely with the local surf shops like Quiksilver. Together they help spread the respect and the love for the ocean. Starting by joining the foundation and teaching the future generation on how they can help.
Quiksilver has always been known as a powerful company in the surf industry. They are always
involved in the preservation of the oceans with their own foundation.
Whether you are a surfer or not, helping save the oceans and its surrounding is always something to think about. Our Oceans hold a large amount of marina life on the sandy shores of beaches or in the deep blue sea and learning to protect it should be in every ones to do list.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Current standing for the ASP mens and Womens Tour

Here are the Top Five Men of this ASP world tour:

Surfer Country Points
1 Joel Parkinson AUS 3000
2 Taj Burrow AUS 2318
3 Mick Fanning AUS 2208
4 CJ Hobgood USA 2196
5 Adriano de Souza BRA 2174

Here are the Top Five Women of this ASP world tour:

Surfer Country Points
1 Stephanie Gilmore AUS 2172
2 Silvana Lima BRA 1560
3 Sofia Mulanovich PER 1308
3 Paige Hareb NZL 1308
5 Melanie Bartels HAW 1152

Check out the upcoming contest live at
Next womens upcoming event is in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Date to be announced.
Next men upcoming event is in Santa Caterina, Brazil, June 27-July 5.

Now the question in everyones mind is where is Kelly Slater in the rankings. After nine world titles will the best surfer in the world pick up from being ranked in 25th place after 3 tournaments? Will we get a number 10 from him this year? Those are all questions everyone is asking. Tell us what you think.